Commitment without Marriage


Choosing Companionship Only

There are some people uninterested in all the benefits of marriage, but they may not necessarily want to spend their life alone. These are the people who may be choosing companionship only as a reason to remain unmarried. Their goal is to have a partner in their life who is there for support and assistance, but a romantic relationship is not necessarily part of the equation. Knowing they have someone reliable in their life is a concern both of these people may share, and they can find it by living together without a formal commitment.

It is often true that those who have experienced many decades of life are more interested in this type of commitment without being married, but it can happen at any age. Some people simply want to know they are not going to eat every meal alone. They are looking for someone who shares their basic lifestyle, but they also want to remain unattached legally.

It can be difficult for family to accept this type of relationship, but it is becoming more accepted among those with older relatives making this choice. Their family members often see it as a way to ensure someone will be with their loved one, but there are no concerns about legal entanglements. It can be a relief if a widowed parent chooses this option. Their children no longer need to be concerned about them being injured and alone.

It might seem to be a calculated move to pick a partner in this manner, but the need for companionship seldom requires a formal commitment. Marriage is about building a life for the future in many cases, and two people in this type of relationship may have already built the life they want. Their choice to be companions living together is about respect and sharing.