Commitment without Marriage


Marrying a Spendthrift

Relationships are often about being able to compromise, yet some people might never see their own habits as something that should change. They expect their partner to support their lifestyle. If it includes the fact they often spend more than they make, that could be a reason to opt out of marriage even with a long term commitment. Marrying a spendthrift is an ideal way to live a life of poverty without spending any money at all.

When couples get married, the legal ramifications can be severe. One person may have perfect credit, and they might even have worked to build their own nest egg for retirement. The other person could be one who spends their entire pay cheque before they earn it. Their lack of planning for the future or fiscal responsibility would become an issue for their spouse. Paying those bills would legally fall upon both partners if they were married.

It would seem that being with a partner who has a lack of interest in being financially responsible should be a reason to leave a relationship. Some people have found that a bit of overspending occasionally is not that important, but it can be worrisome. They may not realize how much spending has been done until it is time to get married. That is when the other shoe drops with a thud, and it can be the time to choose commitment without legal ties.

Financial responsibility should be carried by both partners in a relationship, but there are some people who will never reach that level of maturity. If they are responsible in all other areas of life, then choosing to be with them without marriage could be a good solution for everyone involved. Both partners would reap the benefits of their relationship, and the person who overspends may eventually be able to change their habits without being forced. The couple could then opt to make their relationship a more formal commitment.